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In 1969, Tom landed on the shores of Papéete, Tahiti with his lifelong friend Paul.  After finding the best restaurant, Paul was delighted to share 1962 Mouton Rothschild with Tom.  He still remembers the wicker basket it was presented in.  The empty bottle is prominently in Tom’s home cellar as a reminder of his good friend and the moment he was first introduced to fine wine.  At 19, little did Tom know, this sparked a lifelong appreciation of a table full of friends, a thoughtful meal and fine wine. 

Needless to say, Tom is the visionary of àMaurice.  After two years of studying the Walla Walla Valley, he found a south-facing parcel up Mill Creek. This tranquil, gentle, and picturesque vineyard under Tom's leadership, will share its bounty for generations to come.

Kathleen is the true definition of an “Artist”.  At a young age at Cornish School of Fine Arts, she was taught the process of constantly critiquing and questioning the rationale of expression.  Always seeking the root of inspiration and execution, she evaluates the parts of the whole.  This goes to Kathleen’s core belief that superior components lead to superior results.  Never satisfied with the ordinary, she is constantly striving to make àMaurice wine unique.

At first Kathleen marveled at the beauty of the bottle as the waiter walked toward her table.  A Chateauneuf du Pape.  She was sharing her 21st birthday with her then boyfriend, Tom.  Kathleen remembers the light color as it poured into the glass, dry taste and full tannins.  This is the framework that aMaurice is built, a wine so special that it could capture your memory for a lifetime.