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Spring 2019 àList Release

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This is wine journey which is fitting that this gentle, kind bird takes us on a little trip.  Sparrow starts with the beautiful nose of lemon flowers.  On the palate it is an expression of minerality and dried apricot then finishes with apricot jam, green plum and floral again.  Although the nose does not completely match the palate, it takes you on a journey and leads you back where you started to a grove of lemon flowers growing next to the salty mist of the ocean.  

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Nose of smoked meat, soy sauce and crushed gravel.  The smoked meat persists in the mouth, but accented by juniper berries, dried plum, blackberries and olives coat the palate.  This wine begs for a lamb chop or steak.  The stem and skin tannin bolster the medium acidity.  As with most of our wines, please decant.  Optimum drinking window is from 2020 to 2028.  

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The nose of honeysuckle never fails to put a smile on our faces.  It seems to be a cliché at this point to include honeysuckle in the tasting notes every year, but it never fails to happily persist.  The mouth is a delightful marriage between low alcohol and high acid.  It will lend itself easily to compliment any meal that is needing some brightness.  

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Umm…why is your Grenache so light in color?  Because traditionally, Grenache should be translucent enough to read your watch through it.  As we have said in the past, do not be fooled by the color.  There is quite a bit of skin and stem tannin holding the flavor of this Grenache.  Layers of dried herbs like bay and rosemary sit on top the orange peel and cherry.  The medium acidity offers a nice balance and finish.

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Fermenting on the stems adds such an incredible backbone to the already firm tannin that Boushey grows.  One cannot use enough stems and honestly if someone was willing to give me their old Boushey stems…we’d throw them in there.  The stem tannin is so incredibly delicate and brings a savory note that just cannot be found in the skins alone. Sage, lavender oil, and rosemary are all, in my opinion, extracted from the stems.  They are found in volumes from Boushey.  It is just a happy wine grown by two of the most conscientious growers in the state, Dick and Luanne Boushey. 

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