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We are smelling bacon in this wine for the first time. It is an interesting aroma that is unfamiliar but welcome nonetheless. It is a deep blue-based red with a purple hue wine opens with the aromas of stem tannin, currents, bacon, blackberries, and lavender oil. The medium acidity is a more gentle background for the secondary notes of the fruit. The Sunday morning bacon nose has hints of tobacco and cedar. Flavors of brambly fruits, current and lavender oil persist in the mouth. The stem tannin (65% whole cluster) leaves a lovely texture on the extremely long finish. 

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Give lots of air to this wine upon opening, after a minute the wine reveals a strong black currant aroma and a hint of sage. The stem tannin is holding the fruit up well as we put almost 75% whole cluster in the ferment. There is massive mouth tannin and lovely acidity to cut through the fruit. This wine is all about structure and strength. The fermentation tank always smells of fresh-cut pumpkins and here we are tasting it in the finish. The finish is long and the tannin persists until the end. Will drink well for years to come.

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We did not harvest Sparrow until quite late. The vines were ready almost a month after last year which let us slowly ripen as opposed to picking mid-September. It is interesting to see the difference as the wines which get more hang time seem to have more volume and nose which one would assume the opposite. We all need to get together and taste to see what we think!


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Please give this wine some time to breathe as it has been made quite reductively. The smells of reduction will give way after a few minutes to reveal a beautifully complicated nose of orange peel, black cherry, and thyme. The mouth is balanced with strong leanings to the stem tannin. We are in love with this wine, but again it needs time to breathe and age if possible. Grab your favorite triple cream, porch chair and pour a glass. Heaven. 

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