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Contract Vineyards

It is said that wine is grown in the vineyard.  We feel extremely fortunate to work with growers that share those values and make our job winemaking very easy.  That commitment to growing fruit that fits our wine profile is no easy task and we hand select certain vineyards and in most cases the exact block and row that we are to receive our grower's fruit.  Each grower and terrior is a building block for our exceptional wine.  Cheers and thank you to our growers!


Owner/Manager: Roger Gamache and Bob Gamache

The Wahluke Slope is a massive, glacially formed ridge covered with sand and silt sitting at 996 feet in elevation. The Gamache Vineyard site is particularly unique for this appellation with its large amounts of limestone and calcareous rock deposits, known as ‘caliche’. With his first vineyard plantings in 1982, brothers Roger and Bob Gamache, founded what would become one of the elite vineyard sites in Washington. The Gamaches are dedicated to the production of premium wine grapes, and these grapes are continually sought after by the state’s top winemakers. Their Cabernet Sauvignon (planted 1985), Malbec (planted 2000), and Viognier play an integral role in our Columbia Valley wines. 


Owner/Manager: Dick Boushey

Boushey Vineyards, owned by Richard “Dick” and Luanne Boushey, are located in the Yakima Valley five miles north of the town of Grandview on the southern slopes of the Rattlesnake Mountains.  “I like the berries to ripen through photosynthesis, not gaining sugars through dehydration,” is one of Dick’s many winegrowing philosophies.  The thin sandy soils of this site and exceptional attention to water stress encourage the vines to produce a small crop and berry size, yielding thick-skinned clusters with concentrated flavors. The vineyards are planted on several sites within a two mile radius; generally south facing slopes varying from 900 to 1300 ft. elevation. The first blocks of grapes were planted in 1980 and the youngest were recently planted in 2003.  It is an absolute joy to be working with Dick, one of the most dedicated and driven growers, and whose Syrah is continually among the most acclaimed in Washington.


Managers: Kent Waliser & Derek Way

The Bacchus and Dionysus Vineyards are situated on some of the finest sites in the state, and consistently produce top quality fruit. Both vineyards are located near Pasco on southwest facing hillsides with stunning views of the Columbia River below. With over 900 acres in production, Sagemoor is a true pioneer for the Washington wine industry. Their 1972 Cabernet Sauvignon ‘old vine ‘plantings are still producing highly acclaimed wines and we are fortunate to have access to some of these earliest vinifera plantings in the state.


Manager: Kent Waliser & Miguel Rodriguez

Weinbau Vineyard is located on the Wahluke Slope above the Columbia River near Mattawa, WA. Manager Miguel Rodriguez has worked in this vineyard since its establishment in 1989, and in 2005 he received the prestigious "Grower of the Year Award" from the Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers. Miguel knows Weinbau Vineyard so well that he even created his own trellis system to suit the site’s terroir and microclimate! His ingenuity allows him to fine tune the exact amount of sun exposure on the clusters, eliminating the risk for sunburn and creating rich, velvety flavors. It is a delight to work with a professional like Miguel, whose passion for the vines shows in the superior wines he helps create.


Owner: Jerry Bookwalter; Manager: Tom Thorsen

Located on Radar Hill south of Othello, WA, Conner Lee Vineyard is a cooler site on the upper East end of the Wahluke Slope AVA. The Connor Lee Vineyard was established in the early 1980’s on sandy glacial marine sediments left by the Missoula floods occurring in the last Ice Age. This vineyard can experience up to 50 degree temperature swings between night and day, which is ideal for fruit maturity and maintaining acids. The1991 Chardonnay block was planted as ungrafted vinifera in sandy-silt soils, providing excellent drainage for irrigation control and the creation of a ripe, balanced wine.